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Blams/Saves 2

2008-03-12 15:46:33 by paper957

Hey guys, I want you to tell me, what was the most blams and saves you got in one day. I`m trying to get to police captin, so I would really like to know. Thanks! :)


O T3H N03Z!

2008-03-11 15:37:17 by paper957

I was playing this thing, then i cut myself, then I cut my self again, then I got a bloody nose... I can never win...

O T3H N03Z!

Wut Teh Hek?

2008-03-11 15:02:43 by paper957

Dudes, have you ever noticed that so many people post stuff on the forums, it`s almost impossible to find what you`re looking for. Just my thought.


Wut Teh Hek?


2008-03-11 14:25:26 by paper957

Does it seem way to hard to get 30,000 blams/saves to get sup. cammander, or is it just me? I mean, come on! 30,000?! That`s rediculous! Oh well. You got to live with what you got huh? So, anyway, tell me if you think this is fair or not. You choose.


What are the points you need? Is it exp. points, or what? Please tell me! I need to know. Thanks!


2008-03-11 09:26:58 by paper957

I just relised that if it only gives you 10exp. per day, how can you get past a level where you have to get like 30,000 exp.??? Is that even possible?!

Paper957 is in teh house!

2008-03-09 18:32:46 by paper957

Hi peeps. Its me here. I just made this account today. I love this website!