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2008-03-22 09:41:52 by paper957

Hey, as my profile says, I am very religious. So, I want to know, how many people here belive in GOD? I do all the way, but I want to know if You do. So, Please, tell me, do you belive in GOD, like me, or are you an athiest and don`t? I just want to know. Thanks!

P.S. I`m not saying you have to, but you should.!


P.S.S. There is nothing wrong with being an atheist!


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2008-03-25 15:54:12

Hmmm... to be quite honest, i believe in god (the GOD), all of the ancient Greek Gods (you know, like Zeus, Poseidon, Hermes, Hades, Aphrodite, Ares and many more). Also, Buddha and any other God you could think of. I also believe in Satan. Now, do not hate me for what i am about to say, however im sure you will hate me and i am prepared to hear all about it. I prefer the bads over the goods.... I know, this sounds wrong, but i just prefer the dark side. It doesnt mean i don't have faith in whom you believe in, just that i have more faith in Beelzebub.

paper957 responds:

Well, not that I disagree, but I only belive in God, (The GOD). So, yah.


2008-03-30 17:13:15

you know wat religion is?
its a way to teach peaple good valors
but since less peaple practice it ............

im no religious
i believe we are our own gods


2008-04-05 22:53:03

There is a G-d, but not like you'd think. It's extremely complicated to explain, but here's the easiest translation;

We are god
As are you my sibling
As is everything
As is good
As is evil
As one, this is G-d