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Videos Being Blammed.

2008-03-20 10:34:07 by paper957

Have you ever wondered why they say that if a video is voted a certin amount of times under a certin score, that it will be blammed? Well, I have seen many videos under the score of 1.60 and have 900 votes or more. How come they haven`t been blammed? Just my thought.


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2008-03-20 11:28:15

9/11 LMFAO!

paper957 responds:

I know right? That movie should have been blammed ages ago!


2008-03-20 11:53:43

Because they get that score after passing judgment.

paper957 responds:

Oh, I see now. Hey, thanks for posting on my page so much! I apreiciate it!


2008-03-20 14:08:18

because chocomel is the absolute best, apart from thea being drinked hot most of the times