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Good News! (Then Bad News.)

2008-03-19 10:09:37 by paper957

There used to be a flash on this website called "9-11 LMFAO" that made fun of 9-11 and all the people who died in it! But I sent some mail to the people at Newgrounds, and they reviewed it again and they blammed it! Not only was the movie mean, but if someone posted a comment saying it was mean, the author would respond by saying all these swear words! He even said the N word! But, now the movie is blammed and gone, and I think alot of people are more happy because of it now!


Update: I can`t believe it! The video is still on! I hope it gets blammed! My hatred toward this person/persons who made it are not deserving to even have a computor! Everyone goa nd look at the comments and look what the author says to people who say the movie is offencive! Then, you will see why this movie/flash deserves to burn and die!


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2008-03-19 19:56:51

where can you find this movie anyway?

paper957 responds:

Type in " 9/11 LMFAO"