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2010-08-10 19:26:17 by paper957

I started to post some of the pictures that I drew in the free time into the art portal. It was pretty nice to know that some of the things that I took my time to make were abled to be shared with all of you guys. I really hope that you guys will take the time to look at some of my art work that I have uploaded, and if youlike it, comment on it and I will be sure to add some more in the fur=ture. And if you dont like it, well then I really dont give a shit about what you have to say.


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2010-08-10 20:14:19

it looks like crap... but then again you don't care what I have to say anyway...

paper957 responds:

You are correct, I don`t.


2010-08-11 10:25:29